1. Hi folks! I just wanted to say thank you for following me on tumblr and giving me all your input and advice when I post my shoots!
    As of right now, some of you may already know, but I have recently acquired a year long, full-time internship with the CFB Gagetown base a photography tech. As the year moves on, I will be posting pictures of assignments that I will be doing here, as well as other shots I get on my free time. So bare with me if I am not posting for awhile.

    Thank you everyone for the follow.

       -Kaylee :)

  2. A month or two ago, I did a couple shoot for Jon and Megan on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and yes, we got some amazing shots! Not only am I interested in shooting portraits, I love shooting cars and other objects. With that being said, it was a great opportunity to shoot this couple with Megan’s beautiful blue civic!

  3. Megan and Jon just celebrated their 2 year anniversary as a couple and what better way to celebrate than get photos done?! exactly :)
    I’m so glad I was able to celebrate with them. they are so adorable!
    These are my 2 favorite shots, more to come

  4. Had the opportunity to shoot one of my friends prom photos last night, and let me tell you, was it ever fun! Hayley looked beautiful and the car she was in was pretty good looking as well! Her dress was elegant and I’m so glad it was sunny out so we could get some awesome shots! I’m glad they turned out the way they did. :)

  5. Some of you may already know where this photo was shot at, but maybe not! At the beginning of each summer, Relay For Life takes place in Woodstock, New Brunswick to help raise money for cancer research.
    During my practicum through NBCC Woodstock, I had the opportunity to go and shoot photos at Relay For Life this year and get some great shot, and I absolutely loved this one. As you can see, there was lots of people at the even to help such a great cause.

  6. What a beautiful sunset I was able to capture out in Jacksonville, New Brunswick :) I was at my friends house not too long ago and we decided to go out and shoot some photos and this one just happened to turn out great and I was excited to get back and show everyone!
    I’m really starting to like sunset photography, the colours are crazy, and I love it!!

  7. A few weeks ago I had my grandpy, my dad and my little brother in the studio to do a “three generation” photo shoot! I thought it would be a neat idea to do since my dad and his father don’t have many photos together, same with my little brother, Sam. We had a fun time even though my brother is some what camera shy, but that’s okay, he’s only 7! I just hope he realizes he’ll have to get used to being my model all the time over the next few years :)
    This was one of my favorite shots of them, they all posed themselves and I literally had to tell them not to move because I wanted to capture this awesome shot!

  8. It’s the last week of college! and to end it, we had one last assignment to do based on window lighting. This is my first time doing window lighting and just let me tell you, I now love it! Natural light is beautiful, it is also a great tool for beginner photographers with no studio lights! You can do so many different unique styles with window lighting, from Rembrandt, loop to butterfly. I don’t think I will ever have to use a studio again, wait I shouldn’t say that, I do love the studio, lol.

    Thanks for being my model, Becky :)

  9. last portfolio shot of my college year!!
    I saw a picture of a pocket watch and I instantly thought, yup I wanted to do a shot like this for my last one of the year! one of my friends said she looked like a pretty mermaid but I think my model looks like a goddess of thunder, considering the lighting streaks in her eyes!
    just because I will no longer be doing portfolio shots each Friday for school, I’ve decided I may as well continue to do the same this summer, because why not?!

  10. Tiffany’s self promotion shot that we took yesterday, this is one of her favs!
    We had such a fun time in the studio! It has been such a treat having Tiffany in my Digital Photography class this year, so I’m glad we grouped up and did each others self-promotion shots. The one’s she did of me, I just loved, thanks Tif!